Why do you experience a completely new and natural walking sensation in Joe Nimble® functional footwear? Because your heel and the ball of your foot is in one plane. And because your toes have enough room. 100 percent freedom for toes!

What does this freedom give you? Relaxation that has a positive effect on your entire body right from the first step. In Joe Nimble® functional footwear, you walk as comfortably as in bare feet. That is because they follow the natural shape of your foot. We have refined this principle for more than 35 years. The maximum freedom for your toes gives your foot its natural strength back. You gain strength for tough everyday life and for long distances. The freed foot supports your body's balance and reduces the pressure on your spine. You feel as relaxed as you do on a beach. The entire day.

This is the exact effect that Christian BÄR wanted to achieve 35 years ago when he discovered: "The form must follow the foot." He became a pioneer of freedom for toes in 1982 through the consistent implementation of this notion. You profit from this today. With every step in Joe Nimble® functional footwear. Give your feet the room that they need. And you gain maximum freedom.

The human foot and tree roots share many features. Both provide stability and connection with the ground, and both are distorted by containers too small or wrongly shaped. Distorted „shoe-shaped“ feet and toes cannot function without the support of a shoe. Foot muscles become weak and tight until even walking barefoot around the house can be painful.

Form follows function, function follows form: Being Nimble begins with toefreedom!

But it’s not all bad news! Inherent adaptability means that distorted shoe-shaped feet can be reversed. Just like tree roots, the human foot will begin to recover natural form and function if given space to grow!
Just as the roots of a tree adapt to the shape of the container they are in, the shape of the foot adapts its shape to its „container“.

Joe Nimble footwear has been designed to be wide and asymmetrical; just like the human foot.
'Fashion' footwear has been designed to be narrow and symmetrical; not like the human foot. This 'pathological' beauty may be pleasing to the human eye but is certainly not pleasing to the human foot.

Most foot pain and movement stability problems are due to 'shoe-shaped' feet and their misaligned bones and dysfunctional toes.
Being nimble requires fully functional feet; don't let them become a victim of fashion!