36 Months – Our Quality Guarantee

Hand stitched seams, high-quality materials. Joe Nimble® functional footwear is processed very elaborately so that you can experience the maximum walking sensation. To us, quality means Joe Nimble® functional footwear remains comfortable, flexible and elastic for longer. We have worked on this for more than 30 years You can walk like in bare feet with them.

We are proud that Joe Nimble® functional footwear makes a completely new and natural walking experience possible. And we love exceeding your expectations. Therefore, we offer you a guarantee on your Joe Nimble® functional footwear that goes far beyond the stipulated 24 months. With Joe Nimble®, you are given 36 months guarantee, i.e. 12 months more. That is the way we see service.

Naturally, we take each guarantee claim personally. If the occasion arises, please contact our employees directly. Either send an e-mail to customercare@joe-nimble.com or call us free on +49 (0)7142 95 66 10.